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So you want to open a karaoke box?

So, you're planning on opening a karaoke box in your venue. You can already clearly see what your business could look like. One or more cozy and welcoming karaoke rooms, a fun atmosphere, subdued light, private rooms with modern and themed...

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The irresistible growth of private karaoke rooms

How to explain the current karaoke craze? Always a social phenomenon in Asia since the creation of the first karaoke systems in 1971, karaoke has gradually spread to other continents. It's increasingly gained popularity as an alternate past time and...

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#Safekaraoke: Karaoke box protocal post Covid

Adapting your karaoke business post Covid in order to provide a safe singing environment in a karaoke room is essential for you and your clients’ health, not to mention important for keeping a good reputation and growing revenue. With businesses...

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The History of Karaoke

Quick history lesson! Do you know how karaoke came about? Who, when and where was it invented? Could it have been Ernie Fraze in the Federated States of Micronesia? Marcel Duchamp in Singapore? Isaac Singer in Tennessee? Not at all! Karaoke credit...

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