A complete offer designed for karaoke boxes and the leisure industry.

karaoke karafun business box private venues fec room
Our Solution
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    A modern app built by karaoke experts for customer fun and business reliability.

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    68,000+ karaoke songs and
    400+ new additions each month.

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    Innovative tech to wow your customers: remote control, vocal volume control, on-screen selfies, and more!

iPad app

The best solution to run your karaoke business!

KaraFun Business is the result of years of experience on the karaoke market. Our apps power a new karaoke session every 10 seconds somewhere in the world!

Karaoke-goers will love our song selection and fun features and business owners will love our app's reliability and business-oriented features.

  • Dozens of multi-lingual playlists in 30+ genres
  • Easy to use, 100% touchscreen
  • Hundreds of customers around the world
  • Advanced features for singers and businesses
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karaoke karafun business box private venues fec room
karaoke karafun business box private venues fec room

30 recording studios.
Quality music, guaranteed success!

Providing the best singing experience is impossible without the best and most up-to-date catalog! KaraFun Business offers thousands of songs recorded in our 30+ studios around the world, and no downloads! Get 400+ new songs every month added automatically to your iPad.

All of our karaoke songs go through a strict verification process to ensure a song is as close to the original as possible. No typo is left behind, no detail ignored!

  • Fully licensed with the major publishers
  • 100% produced in-house
  • Consistent quality
  • 400+ new songs each month
  • Hundreds of playlists
  • 30+ genres
  • 10+ languages
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bmi Universal Music Publishing Group Warner Chappel Sacem Sony ATV Music Publishing EMI

Innovative music tech for memorable experiences!

KaraFun Business combines the power of high-tech solutions and a great catalog. We’ve developed unique algorithms for data-driven music propositions for your customers and exclusive business features that breathe life into every inch of a karaoke box.

  • Scan a QR Code to control the app from any smartphone
  • Send and display selfies on the big screen
  • iPad controlled
  • Lead & background vocals, key & tempo customization and in-app volume control
karaoke karafun business box private venues fec room
karaoke karafun business box private venues fec room

Building a karaoke box has never been easier.

How to get started? We can help with that!

KaraFun Business clients have access to exclusive resources, installation guides, and tech documentation. Every step of the way, from conception to set up and managing your karaoke box, count on our experience that runs and powers hundreds of karaoke bars worldwide!

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Your tower control to manage your karaoke business

Manage your karaoke room bookings manually or via a seamless API integration, directly from your Dashboard. Control your karaoke boxes, configure your rooms, and access exclusive tutorials to set up and run your business.

  • Manage your subscription
  • Configure your rooms
  • Access exclusive KaraFun Business tutorials and videos
  • Connect with our tech experts
karaoke karafun business box private venues fec room
karaoke karafun business box private venues fec room
Open a KaraFun Bar

A turnkey solution with the highest revenue per m2.

We've got a deep understanding of the technical challenges and customer needs when building a karaoke box (we've built 3 of our own). Want to take advantage of our market expertise, years of R&D and brand power and get exclusive access to innovative karaoke software? Let's talk!

  • In-Box Food & Drinks Ordering & Cashless Payment
  • One-on-one call with our experts
  • Managed CRM and booking system
  • Get listed on karafunbar.com
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