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To get started, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for a KaraFun Business account (for free!),
  • Create your first project, enter your business information and link the KaraFun App to your Business account under the APPS & SETTINGS PAGE and then add the number of devices under the ROOMS tab from within your project,
  • Set up the necessary equipment (microphone, tv, cables) in your karaoke box,
  • Login on the iPads in the room with your account information and test KaraFun Business and features as much as you want in trial mode,
  • Subscribe when you want, for as long as you want without commitment.

We know karaoke! Our focus and expertise remains on the music and the application. For additional questions concerning soundproofing, internet providers, etc. we recommend contacting your local experts. For further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sign up for a KaraFun Business account and you can test exclusive KaraFun Business features, listen to our catalog of quality songs in demo version on one or in several of your private karaoke rooms in order to make sure that KaraFun Business is right for you.

We think you’ll come to see what’s made us a leader on the karaoke market with thousands of happy karaoke clients choosing us to power their karaoke event.

Don’t have an account yet? Sign up to test KaraFun Business.

No matter the size of the karaoke room, the equipment and setup will remain the same. The cost will depend on the quality of material you choose for your karaoke equipment, but big-ticket items include a tablet, television, microphones, mixer, speakers, amplifiers, and cables for hook up.

It is important to note that all material can be purchased at any electronics store or online.

All material recommended by KaraFun Business remains a suggestion and we advise checking with an experienced electronics professional who can assist you in selecting the best material based on your budget.

Contact us for our list of equipment and tech specs for iOS devices or read our blog about it here.

The KaraFun Business offer includes the catalog of songs, our modern karaoke software and our resources and help.

Equipment and hardware are not included.

KaraFun Business features are only available on our dedicated iPad application available on the App Store (KaraFun for home use on Windows, Android, iOs or Mac do not include business features) .

The exact device and model of iPad depends on your preferences, budget and needs. We recommend recent models of iPad Air or iPad Pro with the most recent iOS version and enough capacity for offline mode.

Check out our Help Center

What makes us

A team of experts on your side

Masters in the making: we’ve spent 18+ years designing an exclusive singing experience.

A catalog that changes every day

Thousands of fully-licensed karaoke songs and 400+ new songs added every month automatically to your iPad.

We own 3 karaoke box bars

We run 3 karaoke bars with 48 rooms (including the largest in Europe). We know the market and how to run a karaoke box.

18+ years powering karaoke globally

Our technology is built for reliability and it shows! Our apps are used worldwide and power a new karaoke session every 10 seconds.

A dedicated licensing team

Our catalog content is cleared with the major music publishers to protect your business. We're here to help with licensing needs.

A fully fledged solution

Most karaoke providers offer just an app or a song catalog. We've got both with the added bonus of tech guides, resources and expertise to get your karaoke box set up!

Features List

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KaraFun Business
Apps & Catalog
  • KaraFun Business iPad App
  • Full karaoke catalog
  • 400+ new songs each month
  • Logo display
  • Remote Control & On-Screen Photos
  • Access to KaraFun Business Dashboard
  • Parental Control
Help & Support
  • Access to our Resources Center to setup your karaoke box (tutos, guides, specs)
  • Access to our set up recommendations
  • Office Hour tech support via email
In-room experience
  • Session timer (manual or automatic)