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How can I test to see if KaraFun Business is the best match for my karaoke business?

How do I get started with KaraFun Business?

Can I use KaraFun Pro instead of KaraFun Business?

Do you offer in-karaoke-room food and beverage and booking software?

Can you help with installation and the configuration of a karaoke room?

Can I modify the number of devices on my account?

How do I access newly added songs?

Can I suggest a song?

What licenses are needed to play songs at my venue?

What is a project?

Account and Billing

What payment forms do you accept?

Can I pay in advance?

Where can I find invoices?

How can I modify the information on my invoices or account?

Technical Support

What is the offline mode and do I need to download all songs?

How to use Session Management?

Which device and KaraFun application should I use?

What equipment and hardware do I need for each karaoke room and how much will it cost?

What are the internet requirements to run KaraFun Business?

Do you provide equipment and hardware?

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