🎉 Introducing: Session Management!

Dear KaraFun Business Community, we're thrilled to announce our most exciting update, Session Management!

KaraFun Business Session Management is integrated to our dashboard, allowing Karaoke Boxes operators such as you to remotely control karaoke sessions from any computer. This tool simplifies session scheduling and will allow you to focus on customer satisfaction and business efficiency in a brand new way, making Session Management an essential tool for your venue.

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🚀 What else is new?

Sleek, User-Friendly Dashboard


Those of you that use the dashboard regularly might have noticed we already completely overhauled it to make it simpler.  Navigating our website has never been easier. Whether you're setting up your karaoke box, managing your subscriptions, or looking for support, our redesigned site is intuitive and user-friendly.

Updated UI

Updated UI

Two key ambitions: more beautiful and more efficient! We've fine-tuned every detail, ensuring that finding the tools and information you need is both intuitive and swift. Whether you're setting up your karaoke box for the first time or a seasoned user looking to maximize your service, our revamped website is harmonized to your needs, making every interaction a breeze.

💬 We Want to Hear from You!

Your feedback has been instrumental in this redesign, and we're not stopping here. As you explore the new features, we'd love to hear your thoughts. What do you love? What can we improve? Your insights are invaluable as we continue to refine and enhance the KaraFun Business platform. Let us know at business@karafun.com 😊

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