Karaoke Room Design: decoration ideas and tips

You’ve likely spent some time considering the equipment for your karaoke box (if you haven’t, read our guide here).
But what about the decoration?
Does the design of your karaoke room actually affect your bottom line?

Karaoke-goers may book a karaoke session in order to sing their favorite songs, but what they're really looking for is a memorable experience. And just like a complete catalog of songs, an easy-to-use karaoke system and some good cocktails play into the experience, the karaoke room design can make a difference between a fun karaoke night and a worth-doing-again karaoke experience!

Here are some factors to consider when decorating your karaoke box...

Out-of-the-box experience

Your customers are your best promoters and will share their experiences on social media platforms. Decorating your karaoke rooms is an extension of your company's brand and an opportunity to attract new customers.

Integrating various elements into your design can mean the difference between a well-decorated room and a room that’s transformed into a full-on experience that keeps clients coming back again and again. Lights, disco ball, smoke machine.... it’s all part of making your customers feel center-stage!

Disneyland-like-designed rooms do not need to be the goal, but different themes in each karaoke box will attract different groups of clients and also give guests a reason to come back.

Adding a simple element to a room can also impact your karaoke business' revenue. According to the manager of Europe’s largest karaoke bar (read our interview here), the Pole Dance Room, with a simple pole in the middle of a modestly decorated room, is the most requested and profitable.

It’s all in the details

  • Consider adding mirrors to the space to make a small room feel more spacious.
  • Multiple screens positioned in the corners of the room allow karaoke goers to move around the room and always see the lyrics.
  • Avoid tables as these can be a hazardous when customers are dancing around the room belting out their favorite songs. Instead, strategically place railings and corner tables so clients have a place to put their drinks.
  • Provide charging stations and sockets for clients to charge phones.
  • Think about coat racks and a space to store purses, etc.
  • And while it may seem counterproductive, adding a window in a private karaoke room or opting for a door with a porthole is a great way for external customers to feel the excitement in the rooms. It also provides a sneak peak into the various room designs and perks interest for future bookings.
  • Lastly, don't forget about naming the rooms. Clearly indicate signage on the door or just outside of the box!

Important: Prioritize easy-to-clean elements for walls, flooring and seating. Carpet for example, might not be the best option in a karaoke room.

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