2022 market insights: opening a karaoke box in a post-pandemic climate

The leisure industry, as we know it, is on the verge of changing forever. A once multibillion dollar industry, stunted by a world-wide pandemic, has suffered immeasurable losses in terms of revenue, jobs, and business. The leisure industry has given us all “something to do” in many industries such as sporting venues, bars, restaurants, theaters, gaming places, amusement parks, and much more.

Post-Pandemic Challenges

Leisure activities offer real and measurable physical and psychological benefits, especially when such activities have been suspended for a remarkably lengthy amount of time. Even as parts of our globe have loosened COVID-induced restrictions on gatherings, the economic aftermath still remains. Post-pandemic, people have a deep-seated need for structuring their time use and perspective, for enlarging social horizons, for participating in collective activities where they feel useful (Pesavento-Rayond & Havitz, 2005). While a decline in public group activities is still reality for most of the world, a rise in social entertainment between known social groups is on the rise.