The New KaraFun Business App has arrived!

Introducing the new KaraFun Business App dedicated entirely to private karaoke box businesses.

Our new app is the first step towards faster updates, dedicated features, and an overall, optimized singing experience for your karaoke boxes. With features to autonomously run your private suite karaoke rooms like programming karaoke sessions, password protected settings, logo and banner customization, this is the most powerful and dedicated app yet for karaoke box businesses.

And what’s next?

Lots! Look forward to improved performance, advanced offline features, customizable booking and playlist creation thanks to API integration, and lots more!


  • As of March 1, 2022, the KaraFun App for home use will no longer support Business features.
  • KaraFun Business features can only be found on our KaraFun Business iOS app (Windows, Mac and Android apps do not support Business features).

Download and Test the KaraFun Business App

Download the dedicated KaraFun Business App on the App Store here. Test out all the features as much as you'd like, for free and get access to thousands of karaoke song demos to experience the quality of our catalog.

Got questions?

Our dedicated team of karaoke experts are here to help! Contact us at