So you want to open a karaoke box?

So, you're planning on opening a karaoke box in your venue. You can already clearly see what your business could look like. One or more cozy and welcoming karaoke rooms, a fun atmosphere, subdued light, private rooms with modern and themed decoration... it all sounds perfect for your business. Your customers can get together to party with friends, family or colleagues, and share a moment of conviviality and entertainment or even put on a show.

The dream is within your reach! Microphone in hand in front of a large screen displaying the lyrics of their favorite songs chosen from the more than 42,000 karaoke videos in the KaraFun catalog and all of it controlled by a simple karaoke application. It's the perfect solution for birthdays, bachelor(ette) parties, get-togethers, a night out in town.

Soon your customers' melodious voices will sound from your karaoke rooms along with the laughter of these amateur singers enjoying a karaoke evening as convivial as if they were at home. Combined with your venue's sense of hospitality, the comfort of your karaoke room and the convenience of the karaoke system, your venue and karaoke room will be a must-see place of entertainment in your city.
Your customers, looking for original ideas, will certainly think of a karaoke get-together for:

  • just for the fun of it
  • special occasions like birthdays
  • a bachelor party (stag party)
  • a bachelorette party
  • a corporate event
  • an evening of team building, etc

The karaoke leader at your side

So what's holding you back? To make such a karaoke box project a reality, you need some support. KaraFun Business is there, by your side, to give shape to your project by offering you the best technology on the market to manage your karaoke room(s).

A leader in the karaoke market, KaraFun draws on more than 15 years of experience in this musical and karaoke field. Fifteen years during which the brand has established itself as the essential karaoke specialist thanks to:

  • its recognized expertise
  • its studio-quality karaoke catalog
  • its karaoke catalog of 42,000 quality videos in 10+ languages!
  • its responsiveness and relevance with nearly 400 new licensed songs added each month automatically.
  • its sense of development and customer experience with the creation of a karaoke application appreciated for its reliability and user-friendliness. Running on both iOS and Android operating systems, it allows you to manage multiple karaoke rooms at the same time.

Our know-how is at the heart of our service and ready to help you and your business thanks to our personalized support, our advice and our recommendations. And this, whatever your needs or the size of your business. In our eyes, you are unique and the satisfaction of your customers is as important to us as it is to you.

So why not call on the specialist in the field? If Michael Jordan took the time to teach you how to dribble a basketball, would you really think you couldn't? Same goes for opening a karaoke box, we're here for you!

It's your turn to ask us a few questions

We'll try to respond to the questions that are the most frequently asked based on what we have been able to observe over our years in the business. This data is not a forecast or a guarantee, but it does give you a good idea of ​​the financial opportunity of installing karaoke boxes at your venue.

How profitable is the karaoke business?

As a wise business leader, you trust the numbers and naturally think about "profitability." The good news is that these go a long way in favor of your private karaoke room project. Here is what we've observed in an effort to enlighten you on your business prospects. By reservation alone, the annual average turnover per room is 45k€, taking a price base of 12€ per person for the karaoke session in a privatized space. A session typically lasts two hours, enough time for users to perform several songs and feel they have fully enjoyed their karaoke activity. Karaoke increases the consumption of food and beverage and during the karaoke session, an average basket per person can be valued at 17€ (box reservation + drink). The average annual turnover per box figure rises to almost 71k€. Again, these are just observations, but can you imagine if you set up several rooms…

How much does it cost to install a karaoke box?

Without counting of course sound-proofing and the installation of the furniture, the equipment in a room dedicated to karaoke in itself requires an initial investment two to three times less important than the turnover possible over one year. The return on investment is therefore very favorable. Again, this is only an indicator, the cost of setting up a karaoke room varies depending on the quality of the material and equipment chosen.
Certain areas are not within our scope. We therefore invite you to contact experts in the fields of sound for a karaoke room, internet and network installation, room decorations, etc.

What are the long-term prospects?

Very good. Ok, but tell me more

Our KaraFun Business solution is available from just $229 / 199€ * per month and per karaoke room. Our subscriptions are adaptable to your needs, with no commitment and on a month-to-month basis. It can be reasonably estimated that the initial cost of equipping a karaoke room will be absorbed over the medium to long term.

Is karaoke a booming business that is here to stay?

Check out our article on "The Unstoppable Growth of Karaoke."

How do I price a karaoke session? Do I charge individual or group rates?

This depends on your activity and business model, but karaoke rooms usually charge an hourly rate per person.

Does a karaoke room require permanent staff in the room?

No, a karaoke session in a private karaoke room does not require supervision by an employee thanks to KaraFun Business features that help the session run on its own and with minimal interaction. We do recommend however quickly presenting the karaoke box and the application to your customers at the beginning of the session. Cleaning of the karaoke box between sessions is also required.

How can I improve my business over time?

  • Be active in your communication efforts.
  • Contact the local press to promote your new venue.
  • Pay attention to your online presence with a site that is up to date and reflects your venue's brand.
  • Consider getting inserts online or in print.
  • Participate in online karaoke fan communities to keep up to date with their tastes and trends in this hobby.
  • Develop your local network by forging partnerships with neighboring businesses that would be likely to advertise your establishment and vice versa.
  • Make joint offers.

How can I estimate the size of my future karaoke room?

The only limit to the size of your karaoke room are the walls of your establishment. Customers will appreciate the principle of private rooms for the tranquility they guarantee, the pleasure of having fun with each other in a private space, the club spirit and the feeling of the privilege of booking your own karaoke area for an evening. Your customers feel like VIPs!
The figures confirm it: the karaoke rooms most often reserved are those open to small groups, from 6 to 8 people. The other most popular options are between 4 and 6 and between 12 and 15 persons.

Are there days more favorable than others for filling karaoke rooms?

Unsurprisingly, the weekend, from Thursday to Saturday, is preferred by customers to book karaoke rooms. Apart from these favorable days where the occupancy rate is most often around 100%, on days when business may be a bit slower, think of different audiences to target. For example, why not target children's birthday parties with special offers on Mon-Wed and by communicating specifically with this target ? The logic also applies to companies that seek this type of activity forseminars, team-building activities, etc. Also think about creating events, theme parties like Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc. The thematic playlists present on our application will help you greatly.

What does the KaraFun Business plan offer?


  • Programming of karaoke sessions
  • One account, several simultaneous connections
  • Password protected user settings
  • Control of the application and access to songs in the catalog from a smartphone thanks to the "remote" function
  • In-app external volume control
  • Possibility to change the key or the tempo of a song
  • Search by genre, song, artist
  • Selfie functionality


  • More than 10 languages ​​
  • Licensed tracks produced in-house
  • Suggested titles
  • Song catalog automatically updated with 400+ new songs per month


  • VIP support
  • Technical support
  • Connection diagram and installation guide
  • List of recommended equipment
  • Technical specifications of iPad tablets

Still have more questions? We still have answers for you!

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