Private Karaoke Rooms: a safe business bet
amongst new health measures

The health crisis caused the leisure industry to come to a screeching halt, and while more and more industries are reopening to the delight of customers, the process in certain countries remains complicated. Despite strict measures in many cities, there's loads of reason to remain optimistic.
The latest of these measures is the health pass. Presented by health and government authorities as a security measure, its become an addendum to leisure activities that assemble crowds.

The fight against the global Covid-19 epidemic has taken a new step under the pressure of new variants. Faced with the resurgence of cases of contamination, many countries have chosen to activate a new lever: the health pass. Championed as a possible means to secure, in addition to health protocols, the resumption of leisure activities and as a means to allow a lasting reopening for family entertainment centers, concert venues and family entertainment centers. Whether you own a restaurant, a hotel, a bowling alley, an entertainment center or a karaoke bar the health pass may have an affect on your business.

What is the health pass?

Presented in digital or paper form, it consists of a certificate verifying that its holder is either:

  • completely vaccinated.
  • passed a negative Covid test of less than 48 hours (less than 72 hours for border health checks).
  • passed an RT-PCR test or a positive antigen test attesting to recovery following contamination with Covid-19 dating from at least eleven days and less than six months.

In France, for example, a health pass can be checked by downloading an application, which allows any business to check information(validity of the pass, last name, first name and date of birth).

A mixed situation

The health pass' merit and requirement depends on one's country. Widely used in Denmark or Austria for example, in Germany, it's necessary depending on your region, whereas in France, it's required in everywhere. In France, it is compulsory in places of leisure and culture that bring together more than 50 people, as well as in bars and restaurants. Conversely, it is not currently applied in the Netherlands or Belgium for example. In the United States, the pass is mandated by individual States, like that of New York, where enforcement of the Excelsior Pass, optional for the moment, is being tested.

Private karaoke rooms: the ideal rebound for your venue

The leisure industry was hit hard by the health crisis during the first wave, with, depending on the OECD regions, between 0.8 and 5.5% of jobs weakened in this sector (1). In the United States, for example, the tourism, travel and hospitality sector lost nearly $45 million between 2019 and 2020 (2). And in most Western countries, the drop in activity in the leisure industry amounts to nearly 20% of activity between February and September 2020.(3)

Leisure venues, including those offering private karaoke rooms, have seen a way out of the crisis. The health pass, in most countries, is presented as a complementary tool to further secure leisure activity goers and avoid the threat of further closures as it theoretically brings together users who are not carriers of the virus.

Private karaoke rooms have provided an additional barrier against Covid and have several advantages. After months of uncertainty, installing private karaoke rooms in your venue is worth considering as it provides an added bonus to your restaurant, bar, hotel or bowling alley for pure health reasons alone! Private karaoke rooms are the promise of boosted attendance and increased revenue and the return of a night activity, all while limiting health risks. Read our article about Safe Karaoke here.

#Safekaraoke: a happiness bubble, in complete security!

From a health perspective, private karaoke rooms have the advantage of being relatively safe spaces, since they are partitioned areas in which customers gather with relatives, friends, colleagues, families.... reassuring customers who are weary to mingle with an unknown public.