Bowling? Hotel?
Diversify your business with a private karaoke room

You know your business well, you understand the ins and outs of your industry, business is stable and customers are happy.
But after the health crisis, how will you adapt and grow your business in the years to come?

Why not consider a private karaoke room? Private Karaoke Rooms (sometimes referred to as KTV or Karaoke Boxes or Private Karaoke Suites) are a great way to diversify your offer, add value for customers, and increase your company's turnover.

Discover the benefits of a private karaoke room for your bowling alley, hotel, arcade, or entertainment venue.

Karaoke is trending (and the numbers prove it)

The karaoke scene has grown exponentially within the past years. Thanks to TV Game shows like "The Voice" and "Name that Tune," or the popular favorite "Carpool Karaoke," singing has become a leisurely activity for fun-seekers. Industry trend reports, ”karaoke bar industry revenue is estimated to increase at an annualized rate of 0.9% to $1.1 billion” (source: ibis world)

Installation and maintenance is easier (and less expensive) than you think

If you’ve got the space, setting up a karaoke private room takes just a few careful considerations but is overall simple and easy to set up. Essential to any karaoke room is soundproofing, we recommend calling in the experts for this one. After that though, internet, tablet, a TV, a couple of mics and speakers and you’ve got yourself a karaoke room.

As a KaraFun Business client, you'll get access to a list of hardware and equipment to suit your budget along with tutorials for setting up your karaoke room. Did we mention the priority support you'll receive when equipping and setting up your karaoke box? Almost two decades as a karaoke market leader is at your service for zero stress and an on-budget project.

Once the private karaoke room is in place, maintenance is a cinch. Beyond the occasional software update and equipment check, it’s all automatic. Any of our 300+ new monthly songs get added to the catalog of thousands of songs automatically.

New offer, new demographic, new business

A new activity invites a new demographic and new clientèle while providing a great way to give added value to current customers. Karaoke is perfect for expanding your offer and opening up new revenue streams. The buck doesn't stop with a karaoke session. Beyond revenue from private karaoke box reservations (an average of $8-$20 per person depending on your location and the night), food and beverage sales account for some 34% increase in revenue for a single karaoke session.

Karaoke is back

And it’s here to stay. Around 50% of clients come back after their first visit... meaning multiple bookings for various occasions: bachelor’s parties, birthdays, children’s birthdays, weddings (yes, it can happen), divorces (we don't all fall in love with our high school sweetheart), retirements, team-buildings, Friday night double dates, you name it.