#Safekaraoke: Karaoke box protocal post Covid

Adapting your karaoke business post-Covid in order to provide a safe singing environment is essential for you and your customers’ health and well-being, not to mention important for keeping a good reputation and growing revenue.
With the ongoing pandemic rounding into year two, karaoke room go-ers need extra reassurance that singing in an enclosed karaoke box can still be relaxing and fun, whilst maintaining health and safety!
Here are some measures that your karaoke box business can put into place to assure your clients a #safekaraoke.

Clearly communicate safety measures

This is arguably the most important of all precautionary measures: communicate to your customers about the actions your business has implemented in order to ensure the well-being and safety of all at your karaoke box. Be it via social media, signs on doors and in each karaoke room, your website, a mailing list, or even over the phone at the time of a karaoke room reservation, make sure you have a communications strategy in place to inform your clients about these measures and reassure them that their health and safety is of utmost importance to you.

Provide hand sanitizer and masks

Strategically place hand sanitizer throughout your venue and in each karaoke room and accompany it with a gentle reminder to regularly lather up in order to keep a safe environment for singing. In the event that a client does not have a mask and your venue requires them, keep some handy to provide when needed.

Check your city’s regulations

Each city may have different Covid measures in place. Be sure to check with your local authorities to make sure you are abiding by the regulations. For some venues, this may mean limited capacity or masks worn in public areas.

Consider mandatory masks in public areas and socially distance whenever possible

Within a karaoke room wearing a mask may remain a suggestion, but mandatory social distancing and mask-wearing may be ideal in public spaces. Indicate if these measures are obligatory by posting signs throughout the venue and using floor markings in all public spaces.

Post a cleaning schedule and cleaning checklists in each room

A thorough clean with disinfectant spray between each karaoke session in the private karaoke box is vital. Paying close attention to doorknobs, tablets, microphones, poles, and seating. Reassure clients that the space has been cleaned before their session by posting the time of clean and a checklist of measures taken.

Invest in washable sanitary microphone covers

Disposable microphone covers are a great way to reassure customers. Purchasable from major online retailers, these covers cost a few cents but are essential to providing a safe environment.

Food and Beverage

If you normally require payment at the bar for each drink served, propose running a tab and providing in-room direct service delivery to the karaoke box. Take orders upon arrival in the karaoke room and tell your customers that you will check in every 30 minutes for re-orders.

Reservations and Payment

Requiring payment in full by only one person may be a good option in order to limit the time and congregation of people after a karaoke session. Recommend a pay-share application like Venmo or Lydia to split bills outside of karaoke.

Spread the Song and the Love

Lastly, remind clients that you can be serious but still have fun! Singing is proven to improve health.... safety first, but singing a very close second!

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